First Week @ MIT

I didn’t get the blogger job.

Actually, I’ve been realizing the past few weeks that I might not want the blogger job- I’m my own person, and I might find restrictions on what I can say such as to toe a university line somewhat limiting. Plus, apparently you have to endure a lot of emails from college applicants who have the misguided belief that going to MIT means that you know some secret to getting into MIT… in short, I don’t want to answer hundreds of those emails. It seems like… well, frankly a large time sink. It would have been nice to have a paid job on campus, and other bloggers to meet, but I’m really okay with the whole thing.

Eh, the best reward for a thing well done is to have done it, and now I have a travelogue and a way to remember this summer, which overall was one of my better recent summers.

These past few days I’ve been in my dorm at MIT, going to my FPOP… it’s been fun. It’s a history and literature program, so it’s much lighter than a hard science, and I’ve already met a lot of interesting and nice people. I’ve also been enjoying MIT’s Z Center, which is the athletics center on campus. One extant MIT stereotype is that MIT students don’t exercise/aren’t athletic, but I’m going to try and exercise most days during my time here at MIT… I have help, because the athletic center has downright luxurious showers (giant shower heads) so if I roll together the reward of having a really nice shower with exercising, that might motivate me. They also have these really cool stationary bikes- basically, you play a video game on the bike where your pedaling and turning the handlebars controls the character on the screen. Normally, stationary biking is so boring for me that I can’t tolerate it, but you can make an account on their system, earn badges, play mini games, and everything. They’ve gameified cardio machines! It’s about time. If there was a similar running machine, I might use the treadmill more…

Right now I’m doing laundry… fascinating stuff, I know. I actually hate the laundry rooms because they’re so loud that I get frightened whenever people enter the room, because I can’t hear them over the din… Speaking of which, I made the wrong dorm choice to start out with! The culture on East Campus is much too wild and crazy for me. I don’t think that staying here aligns with the lifestyle I prefer, sadly enough. So, I’m looking into some other dorms. I’ve been to a couple of Random Hall events and they seem really cool, but I’m going to try to keep an open mind and look at all the dorms… the more dorms I rank as alternatives on the switching form, the more chance I have of actually getting out.

I can’t stay here. It’s 11:08 and I’m on the fifth floor and the music from the courtyard is still wafting into my open window… apparently there are 10+ parties a semester thrown at this dorm! I hate loud parties! This place is so not for me. However, I’m realizing this is just a learning experience for me… there was information I didn’t understand about this dorm when I initially ranked the dorms, and frankly living here gave me some self knowledge I didn’t have. Worst comes to worst, I’ll have to stay for a semester or two, but I am determined to look at it as a learning opportunity. God is it annoying to not be able to have my window open while I sleep during late August, though. The people who live here should live however they like, but I don’t find it conducive to my wellbeing. I’m sort of worried about the late-night thing at MIT in general… there’s an event that I can’t reveal much about going on, and it’s supposed to be really fun, but it starts at midnight and lasts for four hours! Even though I don’t have to be up early on either of the days during which I would attend it, I don’t want to throw off my sleep cycle. It just seems needless!

I so want to go to bed, but I have to wait for my laundry to finish. Stupid laundry. I’m just gonna go get it actually… I no longer care if it’s a little damp (it’s just tee shirts, socks, etc.)

Anyway, thanks for reading, and goodnight!


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