Unpacking, Repacking, Unpacking (Looking Forward)

I feel like MIT (or, y’know, the relevant parties at MIT (but then I doubt that, because I usually get about 20 hits a post, and I suspect the vast majority of those hits come from people whom I already know)) read my previous complaints about MIT perpetually being late, because today I got some information early. 

I’m in Concourse!

Everything's coming up Milhouse!
  Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

I explained last post about what Concourse entails, but basically it’s a program with smaller required introductory courses and some really interesting humanities courses as well. I checked Facebook today, and several people had posted to the MIT 2019 group that they were in Concourse (which made me panic for a moment that I didn’t get in because I hadn’t heard from them) but then I sensibly checked my email, and there it was! I’m almost glad that I’m almost surely going to fail my multi exam, because it means I get to take a class with professor Winters, who I heard great things about within 15 minutes of talking to Concourse students.The only downside is that it looks like to take multi within Concourse I’m going to have to take it first semester, which means I can’t take biology (which isn’t offered through Concourse at all) with Erik Lander. I can always stop in on a few of his lectures, though, I suppose. The spring bio course options both look good, though, and well within my interests, so really it’s all fine. I’m also hoping to take a Concourse HASS (humanities, arts, and social sciences) class offered for the fall: Becoming Human. The required texts do include some things I’ve read, in part (Nichomachean Ethics, Republic, Symposium) or in full (Apology of Socrates, Crito), but I really need a more coherent view of the stuff I’ve partially read, and a view in more context of the stuff I’ve fully read. Plus, maybe I can rework my essay on the Crito and do less work. Unlikely, but I’ve got to maintain fantasy somehow. 

Okay, excitement over. As I get more updates on everything from Concourse to what laptop specs are ideal for MIT, the reality that I leave for the place in about two weeks encroaches more and more on my happy-go-lucky gym frequenting summer. One thing I’m fixating on is my dorm room, unspecified as it is.

I’m almost fully moved into my new room at my dad’s. I could be fully moved in, but I kept leaving to do other things (work out, spend time with my mom, deal with moving our cats), so the process has been delayed. I finished all the boxes in my room proper today, and I’ll unpack the three outside my room tomorrow.

Before August 2014, beyond vacations and summer camp, I had never moved into a room before. By the end of September 2015, I will have moved into three: one in my dad’s old apartment, one in my dad’s new condo, and one (technically two, but the first only briefly) at MIT. 

As with any skill, I’m getting better at moving. My room in Evanston had existed before I was really a conscious being. I didn’t determine where anything went, so I didn’t have to think about it. By the time I could think about it, there were established rhythms that worked. As a result, I never figured out how to set up a space to live in. When I tried the first time to set up a space (my dad’s old apartment) I ended up needing to rearrange a few weeks in, and I still couldn’t always find everything. I’m a naturally messy person, so I try to arrange things in such a way that my natural messiness is mitigated, not exacerbated. 

The next one is the big one, though, seeing as I’ll be in dorm rooms for the next four years, and it would be nice to start things off well freshman year. Dorm rooms aren’t just private, functional spaces, I think. Because they also function as spaces for entertaining and group gathering, they’re a form of self expression: you curate the posters and decorations in your room such that they give the right impression to your visitors. And you can probably tell a lot about a person, or at least the image they seek to project, by looking around their dorm room. 

As it stands, I don’t have too many dorm room decorations. My bike might live in my room, and some photos, and a bulletin board, and a framed poster I have of the human skeletal system, but other than that, I’ve got no plans. I’m told that I can paint my dorm room whatever color I desire. Seems like an activity for a weekend. I hope I inherit a good color, so I don’t need to spend the time.

MIT, I’m coming for you.


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