So I forgot I was supposed to post something today. Please forgive poor writing and poor everything.

It’s 10:40 as I start writing this, and my father and I are removing the cats from his old apartment tomorrow- they go on a flight across ‘Murica to get to their new home in CA tomorrow.


Mainly I’ve been unpacking, and chilling with my mom. We’re not going to see each other for a long time after she leaves with the cats, so we have to cram in some quality bonding now.

I ended up unpacking my dolls yesterday. I had two American Girl dolls, Kit and Kaya, and I was pretty fond of them both. They were sort of sad shoved in the doll box. I took them out, brushed Kit’s hair, left Kaya’s in its braid, dressed them both in new clothes, and put them in my window. It’s strange how I assign feelings to these dolls, but it would have felt like mistreating them to do anything else. I couldn’t bring myself to put them back in a box or even in the top of my closet. I wanted them to at least have a view of Chicago.

American Girl makes incredibly high quality stuff. I have more Kit memorabilia than Kaya memorabilia, since Kit was my first doll, and the quality is fantastic. Kit even has a tiny working harmonica. As a kid I was fooled into thinking some plastic candy in Kit’s set was real candy. That’s how real everything looked. I chewed that plastic candy for at least thirty seconds before realizing I’d been duped. That, my friends, is craftsmanship. Or maybe stupidity on my part.

Today I got the most important school supply for the next year. My planner. I do not know if MIT gives out their own planners, but I have strong feelings on the format (I need a weekly and monthly pages, with plenty of room in the margins of every page as well as a designated notes area, and preferably vertical columns for each day in the weekly spread (columns should not be split up into hourly appointments). Sadly, I couldn’t find a vertically organized thing I liked, so I bought horizontal. Some change is acceptable) so I bought my own. Besides, the one I bought (or technically, the one my mom bought for me) has a beautiful soft cover and very sturdy binding. You have to look past the planners organized by calendar year to find academic planners. My mom, also a planner fiend, prefers Franklin Covey, but she’s in the workforce, not in school. I inherited my love of planners from her. She carries it with her everywhere, as do I. She checks it many times per day, as do I. She saves her old ones, as do I. I think the only reason I can get to sleep sometimes is my ferocious use of a planner. I check my planner more than ten times per day. I never missed an assignment in high school, and I owed it all to my planner.

I love planners.

It’s now 11:03. 500 words in 20 minutes isn’t so bad.

I’m still exhausted. Ireland time is six hours ahead of Chicago time, so the jet lag is hitting me pretty hard. I’ve also been working out and going to bed fairly early anyway, so I was very ready to go to sleep two hours ago, and I am extremely ready now.

I should have been using a planner today. I should have reminded myself to write a blog post in my planner. I would have managed my time more effectively.

Only three days until I find out about whether I will be doing Concourse next year. Concourse is a freshman program within MIT that combines advising with special smaller introductory classes, as well as a focus on integrated science and humanities. There’s a lot of philosophy studied in Concourse, which is one of my primary academic interests. Basically, the program is perfect for me, and I’ve been fairly anxious to hear back about it since I submitted my freshman advising application about two months ago. All of these applying and waiting things remind me of applying to college.

It’s not the fondest association.

Okay, it’s 11:10. I’m going to bed. I love you, internet. Try not to judge my tired stream of conscious too harshly.


4 thoughts on “Whoops

  1. Hm.

    To be entirely honest, I teared up a little bit reading your blog, being reminded of you. Do you even remember me? Maybe teared up is a strong word (two words?), maybe I’m just 11 pm delirious, shrug. I can still tell that you’re you though, through your voice. You write really wonderfully; Concourse (whatever that is?) would be lucky to have you.

    Seeing that so much has changed in your life since we last saw each other gives me the oddest feeling. Really not much has changed in mine, aside from myself. My writing has devolved a little, my math has improved a little. I am in similar need of a planner. Well enough about me. You mentioned a best friend in one of your post. My last memory of you is considering the prospect of dating one of our old friends in your senior year. I’m wondering and seriously doubting if that’s them.

    Oops, probably not a thing you want on your college blog, you can delete this post if you want, or forget about it. You were always so ahead of us, and I’ve sure you’ve grown even further from me since, and your blog allows me to see in which direction. Really cool. Anyway enough late night musings, I hope you’ll get some joy out of my post. You’re really quite a spectacular person.

    Missing you, MJ.


    • Of course I remember you! Do you still write your name Stella*? I remember you teaching me the acronym FUBAR, which I still teach to other people. Your doubt about the senior year dating person is correct.
      I’m so happy you read and commented, and I’m pretty sure the directions you’ve grown in are fascinating too.
      Right back at you, Stella(*?).
      P.S. All recognition, man. All recognition.


      • Hellos 🙂
        I don’t usually write “Stella” at all on papers and such – I use my real name. When I do though, I always remember to add the star, whether I actually do or not. (People try to beat “childish” things like that out of you.) I do remember FUBAR; I must’ve been really bored, because I was typing random parts of words into dictionary.com and the only thing for “fub” was “FUBAR,” which is actually a pretty depressing concept once you get over the f-bomb. But that was definitely our thing ^.^
        So weird that none of our crew really stuck together (did they?)


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