Lazy Days in Ireland

I really don’t want a roommate in college. I had roommates at all of my summer camps, and while they were all very nice girls, I don’t enjoy living my life on someone else’s schedule. We were all supposed to get emails about our room assignments (which would contain the name of our roommate, or the indication that we didn’t have one) yesterday, but my email never materialized, nor did the email of anyone in my temp dorm, East Campus.

I’m beginning to expect this from MIT, what with their having released our admission decisions late and our housing assignments late. I think the institute is just perpetually late. (I feel like I shouldn’t write anything negative about MIT when this blog is for the admissions job! It doesn’t seem to send the right message…)

Ciara and I have been getting up to shenanigans in the meantime. Well, not really. Yesterday we took her metal detector down to an old abandoned house and looked around for a while, but most of what we dug up was just rusty nails. The nice thing about a great friend is that you can have a wonderful time digging up rusty nails with them, so it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

We also watched the end of yesterday’s stage of the Tour de France. I’ve been following it loosely, and I have to say it’s much more interesting than I would have initially thought. Yesterday was their last day in the Alps, and after the days they spend climbing, you can just see the amount of pain that they’re in. Their form also basically goes to pot… they wobble and waver so much when they’re crossing the finish line that it’s a surprise they’re even moving forward. Shaun really seems to like watching sports, so he’s always usually got something on to watch if he’s home, and it’s not unpleasant to watch with him. I usually have questions, which he does his best to answer.

After dinner yesterday, Ciara and I went down to what her whole family calls “The New Bridge.”Maybe capital letters are not required… “the new bridge.” Ciara likes to look for fossils in the stream under the bridge, and I am building a dam. MIT’s mascot is the beaver, so it’s only appropriate, though I am building my dam out of stones, not wood. I’m going to see if I can recruit Ciara’s little sister Julia to help me build the dam. She’s turning 13 today, so I guess she’s not really a kid, but when I was a kid I loved projects like these… my brother and I used to do things like build walls or dams all the time. I would generally gather the materials, and he was in charge of the assembly. Looking back, I definitely had the less glamorous job, but to be fair, he was older than me.

The last thing I did yesterday was commune with the cows. Well, I suppose they were bullocks. Anyway, the cows near Shaun and Mary’s house were all little ones, only a few months old. I would have to hop the electric fence to go see them, but even from behind the fence they are quite friendly and very cute. They seem curious as to who I am and what I am doing near their pasture. They are especially charming when they lick each other because they remind me of my cats. Here are some cows that wandered off from the main group:


Today, we are going to visit a castle, celebrate Julia’s birthday, and clean up the house a little. Well, we already cleaned the house a little, and I already ate breakfast (exciting, I know). I had Flahavan’s instant porridge for breakfast today, which is pretty much the most delicious instant hot cereal I’ve ever had. Along with Barry’s tea, I’ll be buying a package of Flahavan’s porridge to bring back home. Depending on the expense, I might buy more than one package! It was seriously good. It also comes with a little measuring cup for the water, unlike American brands which make you use the paper packet the oats themselves come in as a measuring device. The Flahavan’s packet works that way as well, but the box of them also comes with a plastic cup. The porridge takes much more liquid than the American porridges I’ve seen, but it doesn’t come out watery. It might just be a larger serving size, I suppose.

We’re visiting Cahir (pronounced care) castle, which (according to Wikipedia) is one of the largest castles in Ireland. Here’s a photo taken by someone with more skill than I:


I have a small chance at recreating that photo because today is the first truly sunny day I’ve seen since we’ve been here. Maybe I shouldn’t say that, though… I don’t want to jinx it.

Off to Cahir castle!


2 thoughts on “Lazy Days in Ireland

  1. (1) It was my impression that you were already guaranteed a single dorm room. Now it’s not for certain? I must have misunderstood. (2) Please, add some history to the places you visit for this reader’s benefit. đŸ™‚ Pix are okay, but it is the history connected with places that sparks interest. (3) If there is a phone directory, are there any Mowbrays in it? (4) Remind me again what is the goal of this blog?


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