12 Photos, In Roughly Chronological Order, With Commentary

What follows are photos I took on a drive to Lismore and other places.

The cast of characters included:

-your humble narrator


-Ciara’s sister, Julia

-Ciara’s mom, Brid

-Ciara’s aunt, Mary

Mary is one of my gracious hosts here in Ireland. Ciara and I are staying with her and her partner, Shaun.







The differences between the latter two are subtle, I suppose, but I liked both of them. We drove up to Lismore to see Lismore castle. We were at sort of the scenic viewpoint of the castle, which I suppose was lovely to look at, but made for rather lackluster photos on my part. Hopefully, you can infer which of these three photos is actually of the castle proper. On the way back to the car, I wandered off a little to take photos 2 and 3. I initially didn’t appreciate the children’s presence in my shot, but then I realized they lent some character to an otherwise rather plain photo. I especially like the little boy with the net, and I like how each of them is conveniently wearing a different color.





After visiting the castle, we went on Lady Louisa’s walk, which is just a pleasant stroll on the outskirts of Lismore. I wanted to take some photos of the river alongside the walk, but there would have been power lines in the shot, and the walk verged into the forest before we would have walked past the power lines. So, yet again, I wandered off from the group in search of good photos. I got to the lines, which were a little further away than I had estimated, but by then even my path had gone into the trees. I soldiered on. Eventually, I did find myself on the river bank. I took some photos of the view down the river and of the cow who was steadfastly ignoring me on the other side. I had to do the rest of the walk on my own because I never caught up to the group. They were waiting for me at the end.





Still in Lismore, we happened upon an eighth-century church, surrounded by a graveyard, as old churches predictably are. None of the photos of the inside turned out well enough to make the cut here, and photo number 6 is really a bit overexposed, but they still give you an idea of the place. Amusingly enough, the pathway around the church was called the “biodiversity walk,” which just isn’t what I would think to call a walk around a graveyard. As is quickly becoming a theme, I wandered off from the group in order to go on the biodiversity walk of death.



Eventually, we did leave Lismore. We drove to an area called the Vee, which is so named because of the shape it makes on the horizon. The above is not a photo of the Vee. At several points on the drive to the Vee, I asked Mary, who was driving, to pull over so I could wander off and take photos. You can see a bit of the road in this photo. In Ireland, the roads are really quite narrow, and at least where we are they are sometimes embedded in hills. I can’t vouch for the safety of the combination.



This was another stop on the drive to the Vee. I tend to take too many photos of rivers and streams, now that I look at all of these photos. I had to go a bit further off the road to take this photo. I followed a small curving path down to the stream, which apparently prompted this conversation:

Brid: “Where’s she going?”

Ciara: “Round the bend.”

Just to note, everyone else stayed in the car, which means, as you may have anticipated, that I had wandered away from the group.



I did not wander away from the group to take this photo, surprisingly enough. From this vantage point, you can see several Irish counties all in one. Yet another stop on the way to the Vee.





Can you see the V shape in these photos? Also, you might notice that you’ve seen the second photo before… I took a photo from the same vantage point last year. I stumbled upon it rather randomly. The water is not visible from the street, but I heard it running and climbed down to inspect. Again, wandering off from the group yielded great results.

Anyway, we went to the Vee on the 19th. As I write this it’s the 20th. Today, we went down to Cork, where it was too overcast to be photogenic. My best buy was a pair of rather nice heels for only nine euro. The situation was improved by the current exchange rate… right now, the dollar is relatively strong against the euro, so everything is effectively a bit cheaper.

Hopefully, I’ll have more photos for you by next time!


let me know what you think!

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