Blogcrastinating: How Not to Prepare for a Trip to Ireland

Hello friends! As this posts, I will be on a plane to Ireland, but I am writing it on July 16th so as not to add yet another wrinkle to an already busy day of flying.

One of my primo techniques in high school was a little something I liked to call ‘workcrastinating.’Because I didn’t have time to actually procrastinate and get all my assignments in on time, I had to find a new way of putting off work that I didn’t want to do. If I had an essay due on Friday, I would do all of my work (other than the essay) due on or before Friday. That way, Thursday night was clear to write the essay. When you’re staring down the umpteenth work of literary analysis you’re going to have to complete in your high school career, multivariable calculus problems and biology readings seem sinfully entertaining. (And, factually, I still do get excited when talking about the endocrine system, so I did have some really amazing biology readings.) After I did all of the interesting work, I would have a full night left over to slog through whatever essay I had to write. Best of all, I still felt virtuous throughout the entire process, because I hadn’t actually wasted any time. I’m not sure if I will workcrastinate at MIT, however, because I hopefully will actually like most of my work.

If I get the blogger job, I may blogcrastinate. Which is what I’m doing right now.

I still haven’t packed. Okay, well I’ve packed a little, but the vast majority of my packing still needs to happen as of me writing this post. I can’t find all of my clothing well, and it’s just hard to sort through. Also, I seem to have developed a mental block around the task, which is one of my worst habits. I put a task off because I think it’s going to be horrible, but upon actually doing it I discover that it’s not so bad after all… which is actually what usually happens with my essays, truth be told. When it comes down to the moment, I actually enjoy writing them. So hopefully I might enjoy packing? We’ll see.

I did get my passport though! I don’t know how well I’ve explained this previously, but basically I lost my passport and only realized it when I was in Topeka, so I had to apply for a passport only three days before I was supposed to leave for Ireland. In addition to blogcrastinating, losing one’s passport is another good way not to prepare for a trip to Ireland. I picked up my passport today. Never let it be said that the US government doesn’t work, at least to some extent.

it doesn't have bitemarks from our cats, which the last one did... not sure if that's good or bad
it doesn’t have bitemarks from our cats, which the last one did… not sure if that’s good or bad

Because I am leaving, tonight will be my last night with my cat, possibly for some time. My cats can be annoying and mischievous. They can be needy. They can create work for me when I am already busy. But they are sweet and companionable. One of the reasons I even applied to MIT was my inability to imagine a life without my cats. I don’t know how I will survive without them at college for the first semester (I’m hoping to bring one of them in the second)… maybe I can ship them to me? IMG_1892 They wouldn’t even stay in the box long enough to take that photo, so I suspect it wouldn’t go over well. I am trying to keep them with me in my room as much as possible, while still giving them enough time in the bathroom with their litter boxes as needed. I feel so much guilt over trapping them there, which is of course what they want me to feel.

Manipulative little things.

Also, good news, dear readers. The two images in this post are the last two that will ever be taken with my comparatively crummy 5 megapixel iPhone 4S camera… my brother was able to upgrade his phone, so we are delaying trading in his old one so that I can take photos with it in Ireland! It has a 13 megapixel camera. After I get back, I too can upgrade my phone… and I am thinking of jumping ship from apple to android. The iPhone 6 is very large, and frankly doesn’t necessarily have the camera I want. My three most important features in a smartphone are a small(isn) screen, a good camera, and good battery life. Right now, my iPhone only delivers on the first. I think most smartphones are designed for men, who have larger hands. I don’t have small hands, and I have fairly long fingers, but I can’t comfortably operate my father’s iPhone 6 plus or my brother’s Samsung S5. I think my mom has the iPhone 5C, which I can use, but those aren’t available any more!

Regardless of my phone camera, the photos should be beautiful. Ireland, here I come! Hopefully the plane doesn’t crash!

EDIT: I just took this photo of Duncan and he is the cutest. I had to share. I was overcome.


Everyone should have a sleepy kitty.


One thought on “Blogcrastinating: How Not to Prepare for a Trip to Ireland

  1. Great pictures! The box one is a keeper.

    Before you make a cellphone decision, you might want to consult with Robbie. He has both (one is from Yahoo! because the company gave all of its employees individual phones), and the other is his personal one. I compared my iPhone 6 with android, and found the iPhone to be superior in the apps it ran, and in usability. But you have to make your own decision. Another consideration might be that you will be using your phone MUCH MORE in college than you did in high school.

    My students use their phones heavily for apps, for academic research, very little for entertainment, calls or texts. They send files over the university server on it. Particularly, a larger screen is helpful for when they are remoting into the library databases for research. I have the regular 6 which is okay for my sized hands (small). Initially I didn’t like it being bigger than the 5, but I have adjusted.


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