Painting, Indian Food, Jurassic World, Lilliput, and a Thunderstorm

Sometimes painting comes out well, and sometimes it comes out poorly. At least when you’re me. This time, it came out poorly.


That’s my attempt at painting my mom’s cat, Duncan, along with the source image of Duncan himself. Not very good, as you can see, but it was fun to do. After that, my aunt and I went out for Indian food, which was pretty darn good. Topeka does not have as many restaurants with non-american cuisine as a college town like Evanston, so it’s hard to find good “ethnic” food, but I was really impressed by this restaurant!

After dinner, we went to Jurassic World. As one reviewer said, “death has never been so fun!” The movie itself lacks believable characters, good writing, or even a terribly plausible premise. What it does have is a T-Rex fighting a bigger T-Rex, Velociraptors that can talk to each other (yeah, right), and a lot of poor science. It’s so amusing! I mean, genuinely, the movie is really enjoyable. Jurassic World knows it isn’t a thought piece. Jurassic World knows it doesn’t need character development. Jurassic World focuses on making awesome CGI dinos fight each other and scare the shit out of the audience. Bravo, Jurassic World. You are excellently terrible, and thoroughly fun.

Sort of a topic change here. I’ve been sharing a room at my great aunt’s with Lilliput, her son’s cat. Lilli is staying over because my cousin Robbie is in Korea, so she needs looking after. Lilli is tiny. Rob and Aunt Sally caught her off the street, thinking she was a very young kitten judging by her size. However, at that point she was six months old and very feral. Lilli is very shy. As such, she stays in the room I’m staying in all day so she won’t be attacked by the other cats.

Lilliput feat. my hand

The first day I got to Aunt Sally’s, I couldn’t see Lilliput at all. She stayed completely concealed under the bed. Recently, however, she’s been warming up to me. A few nights ago she let me pet her, and the next night she let me brush her. The thing about Lilli is that if you are sitting up on the bed, she finds that too intimidating. You need to be flat on your back. Anyway, last night, after I petted her for about 20 minutes, I hooked my thumbs behind her front legs, and pulled her forward a little. If I had tried this on the first night, she would have freaked out. To my surprise, it went over really well. She sat on my chest and went right on purring and just wanted to be petted more. So that was my first big breakthrough.

Eventually, she went back to lying more on my lap area. Mind you, I was still flat on my back. I lifted both of my hands to where she could see them, fingers outstretched, and very slowly, I sat up. She didn’t take to that as well, because she stopped purring, but she stayed on my lap, and now I can move around on the bed without scaring her too badly. I just have to move very slowly.

Poor Lilli, though. She just loves to be petted, and she’s too scared to come out most of the time. I am happy to be patient with her. The mistreatment of animals is very distressing to me, which is why I am a vegetarian, I suppose. Lilli’s not mistreated or anything, but she’s at such a disadvantage because she was feral for the first sixth months of her life. Nowadays she’s very well cared for.

Spay and neuter your pets!

One final thing happened yesterday. My aunt took a fall! There was a big thunderstorm, and she was outside calling a cat to the front porch. I was inside, because I had to take cookies out of the oven and start a quiche. I didn’t hear it, but she fell, and came back bleeding pretty profusely from her right eyebrow. She knew she needed stitches, so she drove herself to the hospital, leaving me at home because I had to take the quiche out of the oven. I was very worried she had broken something, but she did not. She should recover, but she will never have a career as an eyebrow model.

Today was another pretty laid back day. We washed Robbie’s car, and then went out for Thai food with one of Aunt Sally’s friends, Jean. The Thai was pretty good. Then, we went to the mall, to Lens crafters, to pick out some new glasses for Aunt Sally. I should probably get my eyes checked…

I am having a very good time in Topeka. We’re not doing anything earth shattering, but I like hanging out with my great aunt, and all of this is very relaxing.


let me know what you think!

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