Hello world!

BEODFMIT (bee-od-fmit) That’s actually pronounce-able, so I suppose it counts as an acronym. Blog Every Other Day For MIT. That’s the goal, here. I just found out today that the MIT blogs require wanna-be admissions bloggers to submit a portfolio, in some form, to demonstrate native blogging ability. I want desperately to write for their admissions blogs (perhaps even more desperately than I wanted to be adMITted… hmm) so I’m going to try to demonstrate my love by blogging every other day.

Today is Tuesday, June 30th. My starting line.

Anyway, that’s why I have to blog, but not what I’m going to blog about. This summer, I’m traveling to Kansas and Ireland, and maybe fitting a family reunion in there too. My mom is selling the house I grew up in, and moving to CA, and my dad is moving to a new apartment in Chicago. This month, I’ve been mainly packing, but on Thursday I leave for Kansas and the big adventure starts.

Packing up the room I’ve lived in for the last 18 years was hard, but I don’t think it was hard because I was getting rid of so many things- actually, I think deciding to keep things is hard. My life has changed a lot in the last few years- my grandmother, who was my primary caretaker when I was small, passed on, and my parents divorced. So my room had a lot of reminders of the way my family used to be. It would have been easier just to toss everything that I didn’t need. After all, it’s not like all the things I saved will really be of any use- who needs all the old Valentine’s day and Easter cards? What could I possibly do with my first holy communion dress? Just throwing everything out would enable me not to think about things, and honestly it’s a lot less work. Anything you get rid of becomes someone else’s problem, whether it be the person to whom you give it away , the charity where you donate it, or simply the garbage man. But I can’t throw everything away. I can’t bring myself to it, even if there’s no point in keeping half the stuff I did.

I hate long goodbyes, and this move away from the house is the forced long goodbye, happening in pieces, awkward and unnerving. When have you really moved away? When they change the whole interior to stage it? When all of the furniture is gone? When all of your personal items have gone? When the new family moves in? Or did I move away a long time ago, when I started spending more time at school and at friends’ houses than at home? I don’t remember moving into this house: it predated me. I suppose it only makes sense that I’m not quite sure when I should bookend my history with it on the other side.

Anyway, on a lighter note, moving does present some amusing logistical challenges. Tomorrow, we need to move the cats from the old house to my dad’s, because my mom’s place in Cali will not be ready to receive them until after the new owners have already moved in to our new house. The only problem is that cats aren’t allowed at my dad’s apartment, and the building has really tight security. You can’t even come in the back and reliably avoid the doormen. So, in about 7 hours (which will be five in the morning), my brother and I will get up and drive the cats to our dad’s apartment. Our plan is to put them in cat carriers, and then about a block from the apartment (where no one can see us) put the carriers into medium size U-Haul boxes. Then, we will come in the (hopefully) un-policed back entrance, and take the cats up the freight elevator. Then, they’ll need to stay in my bedroom in his apartment for a few weeks until my mom’s place is ready, because my room doesn’t share a wall with the outer hallway, meaning hopefully they won’t be heard even if they meow.

Our backup plan is to send them to my best friend’s house, but I hope it doesn’t come to that, because our declawed, sweet cats don’t really stand a chance against their clawed, more violent kitties. Speaking of which, I’m hoping to take my little cat to MIT. I requested cat friendly dorms, but not all of them seem to have open spaces… and there’s no guarantee I’ll be placed according to my wishes (or that I’ll stay there through REX). Hopefully, though, she won’t be separated from me for too long. There’s only one thing I can say for certain: I’m jealous of the cats’ ignorant bliss about the impending changes in their lives!


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