Day 2

Hello internet. I’m blogging today because I can’t blog tomorrow, so I’ll just write the next post the day after tomorrow. Today we had to get up early to sneak the cats down to my dad’s house. My cat was so frightened she wet her carrier, so we had to clean her up. My brother was a real grouch throughout the entire process, and managed to piss both me and my father off. Oh well. Then, I watched a few episodes of the magic school bus- can’t get enough of that science! Then, I went to the doctor’s office for my MIT physical. Now, I just need to fax that form.

You may noticed that I have an avatar- I created it myself using an online application. I wish I could say that I was emulating the MIT bloggers, who also have drawn representations, but actually I was just emulating a buzz feed article. Actually, a lot of what I do emulates buzz feed articles. I find a lot of food recipes on there… which brings me to the only interesting thing I’ve done today.

After my trip to the doctor’s office, I let myself into my mother’s house, which is very empty. What I didn’t realize was that as of yesterday, there are no pots and pans in the house! When I got home I was starving, but my choices were either to eat something cold/premade, or improvise a way to cook things on the stove. Naturally, I chose the latter.

The only real ingredients in the house right now are a selection of butter and oil, eggs, and some old bananas. That’s where the buzz feed article comes in. A while back, I learned on buzz feed that you can make pancakes of a sort out of just eggs and bananas- two eggs per banana. So I mixed up the eggs and bananas, made a little pan out of tin foil, and fried myself up some pancakes. I didn’t have a spatula, so I needed to use a fork to turn them over, but these pancakes are best made really small, so that was fine. However, I also had a hankering for some fried eggs, which was where things got a little trickier. I made a tinfoil pan again, and lightly greased it. Then, I cracked the eggs into it, set it down on the gas burner grate, and hoped for the best. Unfortunately, the outside edges of the eggs ended up burning, but the middle was still barely cooked. Fortunately, I like runny eggs, and the burnt part actually tasted like popcorn, so it wasn’t a total wash. However, I will be concerned about salmonella for a little while now.

On another note entirely, today will be the last day I will ever be in this house. My weird pancakes and burnt eggs will be the last meal I ever eat in this house. I’m sleeping at my dad’s tonight, so last night was the last time I would ever sleep here, though I didn’t realize it at the time. I’m packing up all my stuff and leaving today. That’s it.

I don’t even think I’ll remember today, though. The days you remember are the days that are important, and while I guess we sometimes ascribe importance to the last in a series, this last day in my house is just any other day in my house. Memory confuses me. Some of my memories are general. They seem to be amalgams of many similar moments, which have all combined to form a single impression. On the other hand, many of my memories are specific- a moment, a word, an image. And sometimes I can see the many little details that form a general impression, but only sometimes. Some things are just hazy.

I should stop writing now and go pack up- heaven knows I need to. I wish my brother would come home to keep me company. After we dropped the cats off, I left my brother in the apartment on his own to go to the doctors (which is walking distance from the house). Even though I’m annoyed with him, it would be nicer to have him here.


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